A proposal to form a new ambulance district went to a public vote and successfully passed

STURGIS, S.D. (KEVN) For the past few months, people living outside Sturgis city limits have been concerned about ambulance services. Now they can breathe a sigh of relief.

A new ambulance district will now be formed for those living outside Sturgis City limits. (KEVN)

"And it was an overwhelmingly favorable vote to form the ambulance district. About 88 percent voted yes, and only 12 percent voted no," says a member of the Rural Sturgis Ambulance Group, Ross Lamphere.

Since the proposal has now passed, five people who live in the new ambulance district will need to form a board of directors, and once a board is confirmed, they will then decide how to cover the area.

"Contract with an existing service or to form their own. I am quite confident it will be a be contract situation most likely with the city of Sturgis," says Lamphere.

If the board decides to contract with the city of Sturgis, Lamphere says it would cost about $30-50 per household or business per year to fund the district.

Lamphere says this was a community effort, and he's glad he got to see a positive outcome.

"Just a big relief. And a lot of people that I've talked to feel the same way," says Lamphere.

On April 6, the Sturgis city council will determine whether or not to extend their current services, to allow the new district to get up and running.

"We do believe that the council will pass an extension of the service through the end of this year. And during that time, hopefully, the board will be able to get up and running," says Sturgis City manager, Daniel Ainslie.

If you're interested in being on the board and live within the district, you can take out a petition starting on Wednesday at the county auditors' office.