Rapid City couple buys food for neighbors during the coronavirus pandemic

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - While many people are trying to self-quarantine, a Rapid City couple is willing to step outside to go grocery shopping for their elderly neighbors.

Hannah Moen and her partner scans the aisles at Sam's Club in Rapid City Monday night to buy groceries for Moen's grandfather and for a neighbor. (KEVN)

Hannah Moen posted a sign in her apartment complex reading: "Feel unsafe going to the store? I can pick up groceries for you!"

She added her cell phone number and a message saying she lives in the building.

Moen said she wants to help out her neighbors during this tough time knowing most of them are elderly and are fearful of catching the coronavirus.

It's a concern she knows all too well as she is trying to take care of her grandfather.

"I have a grandpa who lives in Rapid [City] and he's 80. I'm kind of doing this for him to start and then I realized that there are all these people that are even more scared than I am and there more at risk. The more we can all help each other the easier it will be to get through this," Moen said.

After a few days of the post being up, one person in the building finally reached out and asked for items like cat food, potatoes and vegetables.

"It made me feel good that I can help. But it also makes me feel a little nervous because it means that people actually feel you know that they need to have that service," she said.

But it's not an easy task.

The couple is hitting a few brick walls by still encountering empty shelves and bins at the stores.

"We went on Friday and there was nothing at Walmart at least," Moen said.

However, she said people can start looking at this pandemic differently, by looking at it as a moment to bring us together.

"If we can get through this we can get through anything. Right? So, I think that even though it's an awful thing to have happen it could be a really good opportunity for us," she said.

If Moen can't find items this week at the store then she will just return again next week to help anyone in need.