Pharmacies staying stocked

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - You may have noticed some empty shelves at the grocery stores because of the coronavirus, but so far the panic has not struck the pharmacy.

At the Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy in Rapid City, President and Director Curt Rising says they have seen a slight uptick in demand but nothing they can't handle. While some places have run out of over-the-counter drugs, Rising says they are still stocked.

He reassured us their supply lines are solid and they are getting in all the medication they need to fill prescriptions. While some officials are recommending getting a 90 day supply of essential drugs, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says you only really need a two weeks supply at this time.

"It could provide some problems with a 90 supply if everybody was to get some because that would deplete the supply chain pretty quickly," Rising said. "I don't think it's totally necessary, but if it makes you feel better, it's a good thing."

The Medicine Shoppe is also offering curbside pick up so patients never need to leave their cars.

People seeking information on COVID-19 should make sure it comes from verifiable, accurate sources, such as the Centers for Disease Control and the South Dakota Department of Health.