Disinfecting from top to bottom at Rapid City Area Schools

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - With Governor Kristi Noem now instructing that students must stay out of school for two weeks, Rapid City Area Schools custodial staff members are doing extra cleaning to help prevent the coronavirus from spreading.

Janitors clean South Middle School to help limit the spread of coronavirus. (KEVN)

Janitors are bringing out the rags and the cleaning agents to disinfect schools from top to bottom.

Even before the coronavirus, custodians would clean day and night every day at all the schools. Now, the shifts have remained the same to maintain the cleanliness.

Normally, the custodial workers wipe down the surfaces to make sure there are no germs left behind but now they can do a little extra cleaning by focusing on the legs and even underneath the chairs.

The cleaning staff is also focusing on high traffic and high touch areas like desks and lockers.

"We're using the same techniques, we're using the same EPA approved chemicals. Instead of getting six foot up a wall on a regular basis we're getting all the way up the wall," Buildings and Grounds Manager Kit Cline said.

Janitors spray the area first with an electric static sprayer to kill germs and leave the chemical on for 10 minutes to activate. Then they go back and wipe off the residue.

"We use a chemical management system so it's not like the old days where you just grab the jug and dump a little of this and dump a little of that and hope you go the concentration right," Cline said.

Instead, they have a system that Cline said "meters the chemical and the dilution solution."

Before the coronavirus, every classroom was given a canister of disinfectant wipes and a bottle of hand sanitizer.

When the students return, each classroom will still have these items on hand.

As for the school budget, it's not really being affected Cline said, as the staff is using only slightly more product to get the job done.