Make-A-Wish: Evie goes to Seattle

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Evangeline Trokey, known as Evie to her family, was almost two-years-old when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor in the summer of 2018. Through extensive treatment that lasted several months, her cancer went into remission.

Evie Trokey and YouTube star, Blippi.

"Shortly afterward, Make-A-Wish reached out to us," said Justine Trokey, Evie's mother. "And we had some good friends basically recommend us as potential candidates for Make-A-Wish ."

Evie's wish was to meet Blippi, a YouTuber, who's videos are geared toward young kids.

"It's super cool that getting to meet this particular character," said Justine. "Rarely does it happen that children get to meet their little TV show heroes."

"Going through the trip and thinking about all she'd went through-- all the downside and all the hard stuff," said Trevor Trokey, Evie's father. "And then, seeing her in that element and, you know, seeing everybody come out in that element, was just pretty awesome."

Make-A-Wish flew Evie and her family to Seattle, where in addition to meeting her hero at the zoo, the family was able to take in the sights.

Both Justine and Trevor raved about the thoroughness and attention to detail that Make-A-Wish provided for the trip-- like the rental car having fitted car seats, and the hotel providing a pack-'n-play for Evie's sister Regan. The hotel manager even sent a welcome cake.

"It was a gift and it will be something that she can look back at and see the pictures," said Justine. "And to know that so many people think of these kids, whom they will never going to meet. There's groups who have done things and worked behind the scenes that we will never meet, and yet, they gave her this incredible."