ADA sidewalk upgrades are expected to begin Monday

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) Starting Monday, if you're driving on Mount Rushmore road, you may want to give yourself extra time, due to downtown construction.

The department of transportation is getting ready to start a construction project. (KEVN)

"You're going to see a one-lane drop-off. So that we have room to work, all the streets will still be open. You will still be able to get around. There will be fewer lanes to work with," says the project engineer for the South Dakota Department of transportation, Jesse Nelson.

Lanes will close so that an Americans with Disabilities Act upgrades can be made to the sidewalks.

"A lot of these intersections don't have detectable panels there that a blind person can detect. And the ramps themselves are pretty rough," says Nelson.

The Mount Rushmore Road construction will take place at the intersections of Main Street, St. Joseph Street, and Kansas City Street.

"Tear out these corners on the sidewalk and replace that with good ramps and good detectable panels," says Nelson.

The first step in the project will take place Thursday when the president statues at those intersections will be removed.

"The upgrades itself will take in some of the areas where some of the statues are located," says the city communications coordinator, Darrell Shoemaker.

The statues will go into seclusion until the department of transportation says they can be returned.

"We may not put them up until the end of the construction project, or we may put them up as we go along. It all depends when we hear back from DOT," says Shoemaker.

The ADA project on eighth street is expected to be completed by the end of May.