Rapid City task force aims to reduce plastic in the Black Hills

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Rapid City has its very own Black Hills Plastic Bag Reduction task force, and while some city governments in the state have discussed a ban on plastics, none have been enacted.

Staple & Spice Market offers plastic bags that are corn derived and carbon neutral along with reusable bag options.

"The Sustainability Committee was asked by a councilman concerned about the plastic bag litter that's been blowing around south of town, south of the landfill, and apparently it's getting into the pastures where the cows reside and killing cows," said Kelli Juhl, chair of the Black Hills Plastic Bag Reduction.

Juhl said the task force isn't trying to ban the bag but rather work with businesses to make it easier to reduce plastic.

"South Dakota sometimes tends to be one of the last states that moves forward with things but that doesn't mean us as owners in our own cities can't move forward with that and try to do better for our environment," said Tammy Yanders, owner of Staple & Spice Market.

Yanders became the new owner of Staple & Spice Market earlier this year and offers plastic and reusable bag options to her customers.

"And what we do with that is we offer .25 off for anybody that brings in a Staple & Spice Market bag, and with the proceeds of that what I'm going to try to do going forward is to donate that to a local charity," Yanders said.

The task force is working to add signs in parking lots to remind shoppers to bring a reusable bag.

"There is a lot of enthusiasm in Rapid City for reducing these plastic bags, I think a lot of people enjoy the pristine nature of the Black Hills that we have, and don't want it mucked up," Juhl said.