Plans for a self-contained community in Box Elder

BOX ELDER, S.D. (KEVN) - A city within a city, that's what one Box Elder business is planning.

Alpha Land Company partners at the ground-breaking ceremony in Box Elder.

"It's going to bring a new life to Box Elder, they have a plan to transform Box Elder and we are going to be leading that charge," said Gordon Howie, Alpha Land Company partner.

Family-owned Alpha Land Company wants to create a self-contained community, one that could span 1,400 acres.

"It's been fantastic working with my family actually no one else I'd rather work with on a project like this, we're all just very excited to get started and it's moving very fast at this point," said Kelly Howie, Alpha Land Company partner.

With plans for several thousand homes, schools, stores, and even a fire station all within Box Elder's city limits.

"We kind of have a blank canvas, and we've been trying to work with everybody with Box Elder, with the Department of Transportation, with the railroad, with the neighbors, and what we want to do is make this the kind of development that benefits everybody," said Gary Howie, Alpha Land Company partner.

Starting in April, the lots will be ready for construction.

"With the expansion of Ellsworth Air Force Base, we're in a window of opportunity for Box Elder to really do something big and we're so excited to be part of it," said Gordon Howie.