Valentine's Day preparations at Chubby Chipmunk

DEADWOOD, S.D. (KEVN) According to the National Retail Federation, they expect people to spend a total of more than 27 billion dollars this Valentine's Day.

Staff at Chubby Chipmunk has been preparing for Valentine's Day. (KEVN)

To make sure people can pick up the perfect treat, the staff at Chubby Chipmunk have been preparing for the big day.

The owner, Chip Tautkus, says about 10,000 chocolates are usually sold leading up to Valentine's Day.

And now for the next couple of days, the crew will constantly be dipping and making chocolates to get ready for the rush.

Tautkus says the most popular items are the truffles. Some of the new flavors customers can expect this year include raspberry cheesecake and red velvet.

"It's something I've passionate about all my life. And it's a phenomenal business to you know share the love with people," says Tautkus.

Tautkus says the busiest days for the shop will be Feb. 13 and 14.