Scooper Sam's Awesome Coffee Hut

STURGIS, S.D. (KEVN) Students at Sturgis Brown High School are brewing up delicious coffee and putting their skills to their test as they take part in a new program.

Students are working with their teacher to prepare coffee for staff members at Sturgis Brown High School. (KEVN)

The smell of coffee beans fills the air in room 162 at Sturgis Brown High School as students get ready to fill coffee orders.

"My favorite part is learning and paying attention and focusing on what we're doing," says one student, Beau Remington.

Scooper Sam's Awesome Coffee Hut launched in mid-January and is open five days a week. The project is designed to teach students life and job skills.

"A lot of these are skills that they can use in the workforce wherever they may wind up. And it just so happens they're learning skills of working in a coffee shop," says Steve Hilton

With about 15 drinks order a day, students take pride in the shop by taking care of phone orders, preparing the coffee, and even delivering the beverages.

"From the communication standpoint, they learn how to respectfully and quietly enter a classroom and interact with the teachers," says Hilton.

For the students, it's a new way to find out what they like to do.

"So that way, if I would get a job, I can make different kinds of awesome things," says Parker Thompson, a student at Sturgis Brown High School.

The coffee hut hasn't only helped the students learn new lessons. For many, it's also strengthened their confidence.

"They have a purpose of feeling that they do belong. And that they're apart of something bigger than this just one classroom," says the principal for the Black Hills Special Services Cooperative, Ronda Feterl.

Since the start of the project, staff says they have seen more students step out of their comfort zone.