Concerns about Rapid City High School in bond

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - If the bond is approved, students from Wilson Elementary School would move to Rapid City High School. But, there are no specifics yet on what would happen to the high schoolers.

Rapid City Area School board narrowly votes their approval for schools to stay as polling locations (KOTA TV)

"So, while the plan does specify that the intention over a six year period of time, and probably on the back end of that six year plan, to re-locate that alternative school program to a different location that will enhance and not marginalize the success of that program," said Val Simpson, co-chair of the Vote Yes Campaign.

The logistics, location, and renovation of a new Rapid City High are not included in the bond-- but the conversion of Rapid City High School to an elementary school is.

The Superintendent says the timing is not the most pressing issue, since the issue will come up in 4 to 5 years, giving the district time to plan.

"They will continue to be their own high school, altogether," said Dr. Lori Simon, Superintendent of Rapid City Area Schools. "We have not yet identified space. We really feel it's too premature to do so. We all need to understand their space and programming needs before we go that next step."

Some parents at Wilson Elementary don't think the change would impact them that much.

"It really wouldn't affect us a whole lot, just I mean, the change in location," said Derrick Lecy, a father of a 2nd grader at Wilson Elementary.

Simpson is convinced that this is a common-sense plan because she says the need is real, the plan is solid, and the timing works . She also says the bond is an investment for the Rapid City Community.

"We think that we have, along with all of the hard work of the task force, looked at a number of possibilities and what are the most urgent needs that need to be taken care of, and we feel really good about the plan that we have put forward," said Simon.

We reached out to the No Campaign for an interview, but they were unavailable for comment.