The Sturgis Fairgrounds may become a housing development

STURGIS, S.D. (KEVN) The Sturgis Fairgrounds is a popular space where events are held a few times each year. But there could be some changes coming sooner rather than later.

People in the Sturgis area could be seeing some changes to the Sturgis Fairgrounds. (KEVN)

It's 22 acres housing high school rodeos, a racetrack, and even events during the Sturgis motorcycle rally, a place better known as the Sturgis Fairgrounds.

But now there is a proposal to turn the area into a housing development.

"We would simply sell the property to a developer who would take on the risk of construction and all of that. The city would look at a tax increment and financing district to make some other improvements," says Sturgis City manager, Daniel Ainslie.

Ainslie says there was already a plan to move the Rodeo grounds to the high school, a move that will take place this summer.

"The rodeo grounds will continue to be used this summer. Once they're completed, then the city will be working with the rodeo club to move," says Ainslie.

If the plan goes through, houses and a neighborhood park would be built, and a tax increment financing district will be created.

"Provide some significant improvements to the softball fields that are right next to it and baseball fields and then bike trails that go through that," says Ainslie.

When it comes to housing development, nothing is official just yet. Ainslie says he's not even sure if they will be single-family homes or what the prices will be.

Even though this is another way for Sturgis to grow, some believe there could be drawbacks.

"I'm personally am not sure that's the correct place for additional housing. Maybe we should be looking at some other surrounding areas that are more appropriate," says the owner of United Country Bertolotto Real Estate, Bob Bertolotto.

Ainslie says the layout of the proposed property will be shown at community meetings.