Valentine's Day preparations

STURIGS, S.D. (KEVN) Valentine's Day is only a few days away, and a florist in Sturgis is getting ready for the inevitable rush.

One staff member is working hard to get flower arrangements ready for Valentine's Day. (KEVN)

The owner of Junction avenue Floral says her staff has been preparing and ordered flowers and giftware to get ready for Valentine's Day.

Feb. 14th is typically a busy day for the store, with more than one hundred orders placed, and that doesn't even include walk-ins.

To keep up with all the orders, an extra three staff members are added to the team, along with an additional delivery person.

"You need it because you're busy. The phones will be ringing, you're cashing out customers, you're designing flowers and selling giftware and answering questions," says the owner, Polly Weiler.

Weiler says the top-selling item is a bouquet of a dozen roses.