A motorcycle that local students created sells for $35,000

A few students came together and built a motorcycle, which then sold for $35,000. (KEVN)

STURGIS, S.D. (KEVN) A 2019 custom motorcycle created by local students sold in Las Vegas over the weekend, for $35,000.

Staff from the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame decided last year to provide a program to students to preserve the motorcycle industry.

During the program, participants from Sturgis Brown High School had the chance to build and customize a bike from the ground up.

With help from sponsors, the students received essential parts to complete the project like the wheels and engine.

The executive director for the museum says it took about four months to complete the project.

"These kids are apart of us and have become apart of the museum. And so it's been so special to see all the work and the comradery that was built up and the friendship built up amongst those kids. And then to see it go for such a huge amount was great. I mean, they were going nuts over the weekend," says the executive director for the museum, Emma Garvin.

All of the money from the bike sale goes back to the Lonnie's Heart Incorporated scholarship program.