Local helicopter pilot weighs in on the crash that killed Kobe Bryant

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - The death of NBA legend, Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter, and seven others in Sunday's helicopter crash outside of Los Angeles raises concerns from the helicopter community.

Andrew Busse is a helicopter pilot in the Black Hills. He owns Blacks Hills Helicopters and is the lead pilot for Black Hills Life Flight.

Sunday's weather in Los Angeles was described as foggy, triggering special flying precautions.

Andrew Busse, the lead pilot for Black Hills Life Flight and owner of Black Hills Helicopters, is in Anaheim, C.A. for a helicopter safety conference, was delayed because of the weather.

He said helicopter flights are common tourist activities in the Black Hills, and there are numerous regulations in place to keep people safe.

"For us at life flight, we have implemented FAA rule," said Busse. "Our personal policy at our base is we almost doubled those minimums. If we had 1,100-foot ceilings, we wouldn't be going very far or very fast and that's life flight. But for the tour operators, it's even a higher margin of error."

Busse equated the accident to a car accident. It is aviation equivalent of going too fast in fog or on icy roads.