First opioid prevention and education training hosted by Front Porch Coalition

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - The Front Porch Coalition offered this free training to address the opioid epidemic in our community and across the nation.

The Front Porch Coalition hosts their first opioid prevention and education training in Rapid City.

It's the first of many trainings in the works, and is open to the public.

By providing education on how to recognize the signs and symptoms of addiction, this training aims to provide the tools needed to intervene and get people help.

The executive director of Front Porch said there is a connection between mental health and addiction to drugs, alcohol or opioids.

"There's a lot of dynamics that go into how does that play into suicide risk, when somebody then starts to misuse them, abuse, addiction, it becomes the cycle of addiction, and is very difficult to break, and people begin to feel that hopelessness, which is the key to suicide risk," said Stephanie Scheweitzer Dixon, executive director of the Front Porch Coalition.

Dixon said the majority of the time people die by suicide, they either have an undiagnosed mental health disorder or addiction disorder, which could lead to an overdose.

"We never know when a friend will come into our lives and this will affect us, we never know when a family member will be afflicted, and even though it may not affect you now, in the event that it does someday, and statistics are rising and showing that it will affect somebody in your life at some point in your life, educate yourselves now," Dixon said.

People interested in registering for future trainings can find more information on the Front Porch Coalition Facebook page.