Black Hills Symphony Orchestra serenades fourth graders

RAPID CITY, S.D, (KEVN) - Music to thousands of 4th graders' ears. The Black Hills Symphony Orchestra offers a classical experience to the young audience.

A fourth-grade student tries out her conducting skills with the orchestra. (KEVN)

One thousand seven hundred fourth graders visited the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center to hear the melodies from the Black Hills Symphony Orchestra.

While playing the greatest hits like the Star Wars theme song to the one from the movie Frozen, the musicians explained their technique and instruments to the excited children.

A handful of students were selected to test out their conducting skills too.

The executive director of the orchestra said she remembers developing her love for music after watching the symphony herself when she was a fourth-grader.

She said recreating the monumental experience in her life for this generation is fulfilling.

"We want them to be inspired to think that classical music is cool. It's not stuffy and it's something they can do. They can see lots of young players in our orchestra. We have lots of high school players. They can see themselves in just a few years so we want them to be inspired and to learn to love music even more," Black Hills Symphony Orchestra Executive Director Kirsten Hollenbeck said.

The $10,000 field trip was paid for by the orchestra and Black Hills Energy. Some musicians even donated their paychecks to fund the experience.