One organization has been on a mission to get medical marijuana passed here in South Dakota

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) New Approach South Dakota is an organization that has been on a mission to get medical marijuana passed here in South Dakota.

The discussion about medical marijuana here in South Dakota will continue. (KEVN)

The organization has moved forward, and on Thursday, the petition to legalize medical marijuana was validated by Secretary of State's Office.

This puts the topic on the ballot here in South Dakota next November.

The executive director for New Approach South Dakota, Melissa Mentele says medical marijuana is a benefit for many people in South Dakota.

She says it's a safe option for pain management and can help with different medical conditions.

Now in just ten weeks, the organization was able to collect 35,000 signatures, which is seen as a significant accomplishment.

In total, it has taken New Approach South Dakota six years to get this to this point, making this the third time for medical marijuana on the South Dakota ballot.

"I do foresee South Dakota voters taking a perfect hard look at it. And a lot of them voting with their heart. Because we're a compassionate state and we understand that taking care of each other is what is important. And giving these patients that option is probably going to happen. And I think it's a great thing for everyone," says Mentele.

Mentele says the next step is to educate the public and keep the conversation going leading to the November election.