Snowsports safety tips

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LEAD, S.D. (KEVN) Snowsports season is here, and for the next few weeks, many ski areas throughout the county and the Black Hills will see people gearing up to take part in the fun.

Many people are getting ready to hit the slopes to kick off the winter sports season. (KEVN)

"Be aware of everybody else that's out on the slopes. It's like when you're riding a bike or driving a car. Give other people space," says the ski patrol director for Terry Peak, Chris Spellmeyer.

And it's important to remember there will be people of all different skill levels on the slopes.

"Want to make sure that everybody has the room to enjoy what they're doing out there," says Spellmeyer.

When it comes to Terry Peak, there are lessons available for all skill levels.

So whether you're an expert and want to freshen up on your skills or a beginner, they provide those opportunities.

"You know if you have never done it before, it doesn't take a long time to learn. But it certainly gives you a good advantage to keep yourself and others safe on the slopes," says the marketing director for Terry Peak, Linda Derosier.

And wearing proper apparel is also important. It will keep you warm while you're active, and also while you're taking a break.

"Keep yourself dry. Keep yourself warm. Have a better time," says Spellmeyer.