RCPD to hold Neighborhood Watch meeting

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - It's simple program where neighbors look out for each other and so far it has been successful for a South Rapid City community to push out crime.

These signs are placed throughout a South Rapid City Community whose Neighborhood Watch program is pushing out crime.

The Robbinsdale Neighborhood Watch program along with cooperation from the Rapid City Police Department, is helping residents take back their community by deterring, delaying and detecting crime.

With the success of this program, RCPD is holding meeting Dec.15, to generate interest in residents to start their own Neighborhood Watch program. They will offer crime prevention tips and other presentations to deter crime as well as how to set up a Neighborhood Watch.

Neighborhood Watch groups here in Rapid City work directly with RCPD to come up with an action plan to implement and get the necessary training to tackle crime to improve the quality of life in their neighborhood.

"If I can have a neighborhood target harden themselves like they're doing in Robbinsdale, crimes to entry into motor vehicles have gone down, suspicious people coming through a neighborhood," said Senior Officer Maximus Taylor, "it's gone down. Why are suspicious people coming into a neighborhood? Because maybe they are trying to look to see if this is easy pickings. When you go fishing, you're going to fish where there's fish, if there's no fish you move on."

RCPD's neighborhood watch meeting is Dec. 15, at 6:30 p.m. at the Faith Lutheran Church on 17 East Indiana St., here in Rapid City. Even if you are not interested in starting a neighborhood watch, there will be loads of useful information on crime prevention.