Store owners say they were glad to see the community come together for Small Business Saturday

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) Small Business Saturday is often seen as the onset of the holiday season. But with the recent blizzard impacting the area, the event was pushed to another date.

Business owners say they were happy with the turn out during Small Business Saturday.(KEVN)

Small businesses Saturday was put on hold in Rapid City due to the blizzard, but many shoppers and local business owners made up for the lost time the following weekend.

"We had a fantastic turnout. I think with everybody settling down the weekend before and enjoying the snow day. I think they had cabin fever, and they were ready to come out," says the owner of Younique Finds, Jennifer Harlan.

Harlan says from what she saw; she believes more people came in compared to prior years.

"A huge turnout this year. I think more people were out shopping, and I do think the snow day made them want to come out more," says Harlan.

Now, when it comes to Who's Toy House, the owner believes they had a strong small business Saturday because people understand why it's so important to shop local.

When people buy from small businesses, it doesn't only lead to strong relationships over the years; it also means more money stays in the community.

"We've really seen a turn this year where people are actually thinking about the purchases they're making," says the owner of Who's Toy House, Somer Kingsbury.

Kingsbury says so far; it's hard to tell how the turnout fared compared to other years.

"We do have a little bit shorter season, to begin with. But then being closed for two days with the blizzard. I think the main thing is that I think people are starting to understand and appreciate the importance of shopping local," says Kingsbury.

Both store owners say Small Business Saturday was the perfect time to showcase new items and show appreciation to their customers.