The Lead-Deadwood area is experiencing a housing shortage

LEAD-DEADWOOD, S.D. (KEVN) A housing shortage in Lead-Deadwood has been a problem for some time, but now with new businesses opening, more jobs are being created, which means the housing issue continues to rise.

Finding a home in the Lead-Deadwood area continues to be a challenge. (KEVN)

"Now we're feeling a crunch. We get phone calls constantly for people looking for places to rent, places to purchase, and we're having a hard time meeting those needs," says a broker associate for The Real Estate Center of Lead-Deadwood, Eric Henneman.

Executive director for Deadwood-Lead Economic Development Corporation, Kevin Wagner, says 95.4% of Deadwood's workforce commutes in from other communities every day.

"If you don't have your affordable workforce housing, you're not going to retain the workforce that you need," says Wagner.

Another common issue: some people are looking for newer homes.

"Not just the older homes that we find around Lead-Deadwood. And they might not fit the needs for a lot of people looking right now," says Henneman.

Even though housing is needed, there are some physical barriers when it comes to property development.

"You're punching through rock when you're laying your different infrastructure, and you're going uphill both ways. So that is just kind of the issues that drive that development cost up," says Wagner.

Wagner believes private and public partnerships, along with some help from non-profits, could make a difference.

"Those community leaders to look to say hey we're going to make this a priority. We're going to make it attractive to those developers to come in take the lower margins on the homes and do that type of housing on a large scale," says Wagner.