Benefits of shopping local during Small Business Saturday

Guitar selection at Haggerty's Musicworks.

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Black Friday shopping, it's a holiday tradition for many Americans but what are the benefits of shopping local?

"By shopping locally, you're supporting our businesses, your neighbor, our community, and that's the type of thing that's going to make our community a destination of choice to be able to really thrive and grow," said Linda Rabe, president of Elevate Rapid City Chamber Division.

Small Business Saturday began in 2010 to encourage people to shop local during the holidays, and for some, that gift is music.

"It's a blast, every day there's something new in the music business, and you know you get to touch so many lives like little kids getting their first instrument, and teaching them something and watching their eyes light up, and then of course helping somebody make an investment like a Taylor guitar, which they can pass down," said Marcus Lavake, owner of Haggerty's Musicworks.

Haggerty's Musicworks is where Marcus Lavake bought his first guitar more than 10 years ago. Now, he is the owner of Haggerty's Musicworks.

"To have a place to come and actually get your instrument repaired when you need to or if you're in the middle of a gig, or in the middle of a concert, and you need that work done right now, to have that shop open is super important, and I think it's good to support the people who are there to support you when you need it," Lavake said.

No matter what is on your shopping list by supporting small business, money goes back into the local economy.

"Local retailers and businesses that are locally owned, those are people that are our friends, family, neighbors, when we're buying from them, we're not just helping another big retailer or big company," said Brandis Knudsen, sales director for Elevate Rapid City Chamber Division.