Youth City Council aims to engage the younger generation

A new opportunity for youth in the area has been approved. (KEVN)

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) The Rapid City Legal and Finance committee approved a resolution for the youth city council on Wednesday.

The youth city council was designed for young people to express their opinions and take part in their community.

City council member Lance Lehmann will serve as the liaison for the committee, and says he looks forward to being a mentor and getting students involved in local politics.

Community members believe this is an engaging way for the younger generation to create change and become civically active.

Youth engagement coordinator for "Teens Up" in the Rapid City area schools, Kristin Kiner, says if young people get involved with their community at a young age, there is a better chance they will stick around.

"After they get their education and or career off the ground there's a good chance they will return to the community if they've invested time and they're engaged already," says Kiner

The next step comes on Monday when the topic will go before the Rapid City council for consideration. Kiner says if approved, they hope to have the youth city council up-and-running by January.

If any young person is interested in joining the council, they can
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