Memorial park being constructed in honor of fallen Rapid City police officers

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Construction began Wednesday for McCandless Armstrong Memorial Park located on the corner of Bar Five Ranch Road and Homestead Street in Rapid City.

Beginning stages of construction on McCandless Armstrong Memorial Park to honor two fallen Rapid City police officers.

James Ryan McCandless and Nick Armstrong are two Rapid City police officers who won't be forgotten by the community.

They were shot and killed in the line of duty eight years ago, and now a memorial is being built in their honor.

This park will include two playgrounds, one for kids under five and the other for kids five to 12.

The project manager for McCandless Armstrong Memorial Park said it means a lot for him to be involved.

"It's very special, it just feels great to be a part of the community and makes me feel a part of the community even though I'm not originally from here, and just being able to do something for everybody around here that means a lot to everyone," said Caleb Tschetter, project manager for TerraSite Design.

Besides naming the park after these officers, the actual memorial monument will be located at the entrance of the park with a statement showing support for law enforcement and their families.

This memorial joins two other memorials in Rapid City for these officers, one that's located at the scene of the shooting and the other at Founders Park.

This project is a group effort designed by TerraSite Design and will be installed by Black Hills Landscapes, as well as TerraSite Design.

"I'm out here every day and we're getting our hands dirty, we're in the field, we're making things happen and that's just a real process but it's also really rewarding in the end and it's just great to see something actually get completed here and it also just feels good to do something for the community, and something that everybody out here can enjoy," Tschetter said.

Tschetter said he expects this project to be completed by the end of the year.

Those involved in the project got permission from the families to create this design, and they plan to host a ribbon cutting ceremony with the families of the fallen officers when the construction is complete.