About 20 bow hunters have taken part in The Archery Antlerless Deer Program

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) About 20 Rapid City bow hunters have taken aim inside city limits since the Archery Antlerless Deer Access Permit Program was approved.

The program was approved a few months ago and many people were signing up to be apart of it. (KEVN)

The program started back in September, and leading up to the season, Game, Fish, & Parks received more than 70 applications.

With only 20 slots available, hunters had to go through a proficiency test to determine whether or not they could partake in the program.

The program was conceived as a way to tackle the rising number of deer within Rapid City limits.

Game Fish and Parks believe this is a way to help control the city's deer population, and give additional opportunities to area hunters.

"The city of Rapid City does remove deer from the city limits every year. Game, Fish & Parks felt it was important to provide additional opportunities for the sportsmen to try and harvest some of those deer that may otherwise be removed," says regional wildlife manager for Game, Fish & Parks, Trenton Haffley.

The program will go until the end of the year. At this point, Haffley says he is pleased so far with the results, but there is room for improvement.