The city starts the winterization process

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - It's that time of the year to winterize your roses and flower beds and rapid city gardeners are feeling the burn, or should we say the freezer burn, to get it done.

Crews putting leaves all over rose bushes.

"I'm probably a week behind as far as that goes," said City Greenhouse Specialist John Berglund.

The cold temperatures this year has Berglund scratching his head.

"It's weird because we got cold weather, but the leaves stayed on the trees for a lot longer then I expected," said Berglund. "So it took us a lot longer to get the leaves collected, plus with the snow we got we had to wait for the leaves to dry out a little bit before we could get them collected up."

To keep the flower beds safe during the winter, Berglund had to haul in truckloads of leaves.

Tim Sime is the owner of Jolly Lane Greenhouse.

"Adding that layer of mulch you kinda hold a more consistent temperature throughout the winter or keep the soil frozen once it does freeze up," said Sime.

That consistent temperature will help the roses survive the winter.

"The roses cannot handle our cold weather throughout the winter. If we were to leave them uncovered, they would probably just die. So by insulating them, keeping them more of a constant steady temperature," said Berglund. "They're still gonna get cold, but they are going to keep a constant steady temperature and they are just going to stay dormant until its time for them to start to grow next spring."