Gov. Noem still not in favor of industrial hemp after reviewing USDA rules

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) After the new guidelines were reviewed, Gov. Kristi Noem released a statement saying her position on legalizing industrial hemp has not changed.

South Dakota is 1/3 states that have not legalized industrial hemp.

Her statement on Tuesday included that legalizing hemp would hamper the enforcement of marijuana laws.

Noem says hemp will be allowed to be transported legally throughout the state, but she is not in favor of legalization at this time.

The new USDA guidelines state hemp producers would be eligible for crop insurance.

Scyller Borglum with the South Dakota State Legislature, District 32, says she hopes Noem's concerns are addressed and the legislature can come to a consensus.

"There is considerable interest in the state legislature for the legalization of industrial hemp. Now whether or not we see a bill come forward and one that we are able to pass with a 2/3 vote.. that I really don't have any way of knowing at this point," said Borglum.

Borglum said the new hemp guidelines will set stronger parameters for a bill to come forward and allow for a better understanding of the product as a whole.

If a bill would come forward, the legislature would need two-thirds of the vote to legalize industrial hemp if Noem vetoed it.

Last year, the House voted 55-11 to override Noem's veto and the Senate failed to reach a two-thirds majority with its 20-13 vote - falling four votes short.