Terry Peak waiting for snow to stay, preparing for upcoming season

LEAD, S.D. (KEVN) - People in the Black Hills might not be happy about the early snow storms, but for Terry Peak Ski Area... the early moisture gets the phones ringing.

The scheduled opening weekend for Terry Peak Ski Area is December 6-8.

"We like to have the natural snow come, it's the icing on the cake as you might say, but the snow is very important and our cold weather is extremely important for us because we need cold weather to go ahead and make our own snow too," said Terry Ski Area Marketing Director, Linda Derosier.

Once the snow gets enough depth, workers will start packing it to the ground, but Derosier said that's not possible yet.

"But we won't start that progress until the temperatures are allowing for snow-making conditions, and we usually don't start that until Nov. 1," said Derosier.

Each downhill ski needs to be mechanically checked before the season starts, and Terry Peak has more than 700.

"We still have our staff here, rental shops getting ready, getting all the equipment ready, we have our lodge staff getting the kitchens and the buildings ready, so we have a lot of work left before we can open our doors," said Derosier.

Opening weekend is Dec. 6-8, and the goal is for the entire mountain to be open by Dec. 25.