One pup is making his mark in Rapid City

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) Back in 2018, a puppy was stolen from Mount Rushmore Birds, which was the offspring of two prize-winning show dogs. Even though it was a scary situation, it resulted in a "pawsitive" ending.

Ransom and his owner at the Civic Center competing in the Kennel Club Dog Show. (KEVN)

Just last summer, this adorable Japanese Chin pup was stolen when he was about six weeks old from Mount Rushmore Birds.

"Three individuals came in, grabbed him out of the pin, and ran. I was running and screaming after them, but they could outrun me, of course," says the owner for Mt Rushmore Birds, Barb Paur.

All it took was a few tips from the community and about 48 hours to get him back safely.

"Eventually, we got a call to meet them at a designated place right away, and we would get the puppy back," says Paur

After getting him back, Paur says he was filthy and hungry, but after getting him, all cleaned, she knew he was ready to find a forever home.

"Came down, and she was telling me the whole story and stuff. So I went ahead and picked him, and she's like you need to name his Ransom," says Ransom's owner, Tammi Lindskov.

Currently, the loving and energetic puppy is living in Wyoming but is still making his mark in Rapid City by competing in the Kennel Club Dog Show.

"Very happy. You would never know that he was ever gone. You know nothing phases him," says Lindskov.

Ransom has both of his majors and needs five more singles to finish his championship.

"He just loves everybody. He's happy, and he's a very well adjusted little chin," says Lindskov.

Ransom's next stop is Colorado, where he will continue to compete.