Walk For Freedom in Rapid City

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - The Walk For Freedom takes place in more than 300 locations around the world.

Participants in the Walk For Freedom hold posters while walking in silence to symbolize the trafficking victims who go unheard of.

The goal is bring awareness to illuminate human trafficking and raise funds to support and restore more lives.

Participants remained silent during the walk to symbolize the trafficking victims who go unheard every day.

Event Coordinator, Elizabeth Verhey, said human trafficking takes place in many forms around South Dakota.

"Human trafficking does happen here and it is something we want to make sure people are aware of it and we want to get the word out. So an important event like Walk For Freedom helps to get the word out and helps people understand that, although human trafficking globally, it happens right here in our backyard in Rapid City... and in South Dakota," said Verhey.

In South Dakota, more than 50 cases of human trafficking have been prosecuted at the federal level, although Verhey said that number is small compared to the amount of sex trafficking currently going on in South Dakota.

Next years Walk For Freedom in Rapid City will take place on October 17.