RCAS would use funding from $2 million grant on mental health resources, if awarded portion

$500,000 from the grant goes towards mental health training programs and prevention in South Dakota schools.

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Half a million dollars from the grant goes toward mental health training programs and prevention.

The grant allows students to work with mental health professionals.

Katy Urban from Rapid City Area Schools said its too early to know how the grant will impact the district, but having more resources available for students with mental health issues would be beneficial.

According to the South Dakota Suicide Prevention, 8.4% of South Dakota High School students attempted suicide in 2015.

"There's always new ways to keep kids safe and were always looking for new ideas so certainly that would be helpful. I looked at the grant a little bit, I know there's some mental health help in there, certainly, we see more and more mental health crises and needs across the district, so that's something we would be interested in," said Public Information Manager of Rapid City Area Schools, Katy Urban.

The South Dakota Department of Public Safety (DPS) received the grants from the Bureau of Justice Assistance's STOP School Violence Program.

The grant was announced Tuesday by Governor Kristi Noem.