Deadwood gaming distributes more than $15 million in taxes

DEADWOOD, S.D. (KEVN) - South Dakota Commission on Gaming's annual report for the 2019 fiscal year breaks down the numbers.


In the 2019 fiscal year, the total adjusted gross gaming revenue was $108,001,111.

That's a 2.86 percent increase from the 2018 fiscal year.

$15,292,209 in taxes were collected, and distributed to state, county, municipal governments, as well as school districts.
The total adjusted gross gaming revenue is taxed at nine percent each year. Complicated formulas are used to divide and distribute the taxes.

School districts and historic preservation are two large beneficiaries.

The school districts of Lead/ Deadwood, Spearfish, Meade, and Belle Fourche received a total of $204,740.

"One of the things we do is that state historic preservation society gets $100,000 a year, and that is put into what is called the Deadwood Fund grants," said Mike Rodman, from the Deadwood Gaming Association. "Each year, twice a year, that $100,000 is divided up to historic preservation projects throughout the state."

Lawrence County receives $797,807, the City of Deadwood receives $6,843,921, and the South Dakota Tourism receives almost $3,191,228.

According to Rodman, gambling is one of the largest employers in the Northern Hills, with 1,175 employees, and a payroll of about $46 million per year.