Community members express their outrage over plans for a debris site

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) What's going to happen to future generations?

Community members come together to discuss their concerns about a Whitewood Rubble site. (KEVN)

That's the phrase many Lawrence County neighbors are using, after hearing the news that a Whitewood Rubble Site could be coming, and closer than they would like.

"And the littering of the land. There is no use to waste good farmland as a rubble site," says one resident, David Wilson.

The manager of Dan Dumpster service, Turner Johnson, says the site will strictly be used for processing construction debris, with the option to recycle metal.

"Can't see it from most roads. Where we are going to be is kind of out of sight with no housing around within a half-mile," says Johnson.

Even though the project is in the early stages, the idea is to have the site located north of Whitewood. And with this comes concern from the community about water contamination, livestock, and keeping the land safe and thriving for future generations.

"Want to have it there for 40 years. We have a 17-year-old son that has stated from the age of two that he wants to be a rancher," says one resident Kristen Grant.

"Riding along in the pickup and checking cows since I was probably ten. I had some cows and bought some horses over the years, and I want to make a living out of it," says one future rancher, Kane Grant.

But the community is still worried about what they call uncertainties.

One of the other concerns the locals do have is about the traffic that could be coming in. But the owner of the project says to alleviate that traffic only crew workers will be allowed in that area.

"It wouldn't be open to other companies, so that would eliminate the traffic coming out here, and it would just be us," says Johnson.

The next few steps are to get approval from Lawrence County, and then, depending on the outcome, the project could forward from there.