Artist is donating his time to help kids in the hospital get excited to move

RAPID CITY S.D. (KEVN) - Transforming what can sometimes be a stressful environment into a peaceful one, just takes a lot of time, love and paint.

Dennis Linn makes finishing touches on a mural in the pediatric department at Regional Health. (KOTA TV)

Dennis Linn has always had an interest in art, so when he heard that the hospital was looking for someone to paint murals in the pediatric hallways.. he happily put in an application.

"I really wanted to do this, I really wanted to do a good job and make them happy, you know happy to come to work and go down the hallways and feel good. Having the patients heal better and quicker because they're enjoying getting up walking around and looking at the art work," said Linn.

And while he's painting nature on the walls, someone close to him gets to follow along.

Carrie Brown is Linn's daughter and nurse in the pediatric department at Regional Health.

She said, "We have had a lot of caregivers come through and they're like oh this guy is doing an amazing job and I'm like, 'oh you mean my dad!"

The new art has helped inspire patients to get out of their rooms and speed up healing.

Kelly Mitchell is the nurse manager in the pediatric department at Regional Health.

"The paintings help get our kids up out of bed and wandering. Its almost like eye-spy around the unit," said Mitchell.