Young Readers One Book Festival

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Last May, second graders from Rapid City Elementary Schools got a new book to read over the summer.

Students from Rapid City Elementary Schools headed to Central High School for a special presentation. (KEVN)

The book is titled "Tatanka and Other Legends of the Lakota People" by Don Montileaux.

To make that book come to life, those students had the opportunity to meet the author.

During the presentation, Montileaux spoke about why he was inspired to become an author and how he got to were he is today.

Students also had the chance to listen to him read the book while also being exposed to the Lakota language.

Montileaux says the best thing to do to get kids to read more is to put a book in their hand.

"You know it's just amazing when you put a book in some kid's hands and even the adults. I've had parents read to their children, and it just gets them away from that cell phone," says Montileaoux.

"Getting the kids excited and connected to an author is just this huge piece that we found to be very successful. It gets kids more engaged in reading and excited about reading, which is half the battle," says the director of Black Hills Reads, Kayla Klein.

Montileaux and Klein say they hope this inspires the kids to continue reading.