What's next for the Star Academy

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) Back in 2017, the property of the former juvenile detention camp, Star Academy was authorized for sale by legislators, but now the state repossessed it.

The company that bought the Star Academy property failed to make annual payments. (KEVN)

The facility was sold back in 2018 for about $2 million at a public auction to the corporate company SLIC-e Holdings LLC.

The company had to make annual payments each year but failed to do so.

Commissioner of school and public lands, Ryan Brunner, says after this happened the state gave them a three-month default payment, but once again the money did not come in.

The company had 30 days to attempt to make a payment. At the end of that time frame, they provided a check, but it did not clear, which led the state to repossess the property.

"Now that we repossessed the property, my role is complete. The legislation that was passed authorizes the governor to enter into a lease agreement, management agreement, or sell the property. So it is up to the governor's discretion," says Brunner.

The press secretary for Gov. Kristi Noem, Kristin Wileman says the governor is aware of the situation and will evaluate options with the property going forward.