Delta Dental rolls into the Rapid City area

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) Students from the Rapid City school district are getting their pearly whites checked for free, thanks to Delta Dental.

Delta Dental is giving students the chance to sit down in the chair to get their teeth checked. (KEVN)

With funding help from the Black Hills United Way Reads program, school-aged kids in the area are able to sink their teeth into free dental check-ups.

By the end of the week, an estimated 50 students will get the chance to sit in a dental chair for a regular check-up, fillings, crowns, and other dental work.

Robbinsdale Elementary's school nurse, Sateera Thompsen, says 125 consent forms were sent in for this program.

Thompsen believes there is a large number of kids who need dental care in the area. Without it, unchecked dental issues could hinder their learning, leading them to fall behind.

"Sometimes they can't eat their lunch, so they have to come and sit in my office. It takes them maybe an extra half hour. And that is time they're not learning. When kids aren't in school learning then we try to problem solve how we can get the kids back in class," says Thompsen.

Although only about half of the children who signed up will be able to take advantage of the offer this week, Delta Dental will return in January to provide dental examinations for the rest.