Regional Health Rapid City Hospital opens new Heart and Vascular Unit

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - After three years in the making, Regional Health Rapid City Hospital is opening a new facility.

Jake Kleinschmidt with Regional Health Rapid City Hospital guides the tour of the new heart and vascular unit. (KEVN)

Expect to see a new unit at the hospital dedicated to working with the heart.

Thirty-two spacious rooms line the hallways in the Heart and Vascular Institute. Each room includes high tech equipment and even a mini pullout bed for visitors.

After listening to caretakers needs, the layout of the new hospital tower is a decentralized model. It means work stations for nurses are spaced out in between the hospital rooms to keep an eye on patients at all times.

If a patient wants a little privacy, they can always adjust the blinds with the new dial that was installed.

Though trips to the hospital may be daunting, creating a friendly cozy environment was a main priority.

"Nobody wants to be in the hospital. It's a stressful scary experience, but we wanted to make it as comfortable as possible for our patients and our families. Part of it is keeping families close to the patients so they can be there with them to support them. But the other part is making sure that patients have privacy and that they have a comfortable quiet space," said Heart and Vascular Unit Director Jake Kleinschmidt.

To have all the cardiac vascular services under one roof, the hospital will open its out-patient clinic next June.