Search for suspect leads down memorable road

Take a look at Travis Sipes in the Pennington County jail after police say he led them on a memorable chase.

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - It started last week at a casino on Mount Rushmore road when police tried to apprehend Travis Sipes.

Paul Geissler was at the casino when this all went down.

"Cops were kinda coming up to the bathroom knocking on the door like hey man we just wanna see whats going on, we are looking for someone and we wanna see if that's you," says Geissler.

He vanished into the ceiling, but not for long.

"Well he didn't make it more than 10 feet this way, then over here back and had to double back for something and I took out my phone and started waiting for it," says Geissler.

Sipes crashed through the ceiling and was arrested. The ID he gave police didn't say Travis Sipes.

After Sipes gave the police false information, it took them 3 days to locate him and they finally found him here on the 400 block of Saint Patrick Street.

When the police arrived Sipes saw them and fled on foot, that's when a police K9 was sent in. But not before warning people in the area.
Lieutenant Brian Blenner says they give a warning before setting the dogs loose.

"And we do those pre-emptive warnings for a reason. But if someone doesn't respond to the warning and we are still looking for that fugitive, the dog is going to go into an area and search for a person," says Blenner. "It doesn't know whether its a good guy or a bad guy, they are just looking for a person."

Police dog Jary saw someone running and bit them. In this case it was the wrong guy.

Police responded and the individual was taken to the hospital and is ok.

Soon after, Sipes was found hiding in a shed and placed back in the Pennington County Jail.