20th annual Day of Caring kicks off United Way campaign

Many volunteers got their hands dirty to give back to the community. (KEVN)

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - United Way of the Black Hills celebrated its 20th annual Day of Caring.

More than 1,000 volunteers came together and got their hands dirty to give back the community.

"To give up your time, and that is priceless as well. So this is just one of those days to celebrate that and hopefully get people engaged in helping the community," says the executive director of United Way of the Black Hills, Jamie Toennies.

Volunteers made their mark with 95 projects around the Black Hills, including repainting curbs, trimming plants, and fixing playground equipment.

"To me, it's not a surprise. Rapid City is such an embracing community. Everybody wants to help each other out when we can," says volunteer Kelley David.

For many work sites like The Journey Museum, the annual day of caring isn't only a day for work to be done, but a time to celebrate the community.

"And I think the more that all of us put something into the community the prouder we're all going to be with what we have here," says executive director of the Journey Museum, Troy Kilpatrick.

About 80 volunteers were stationed at the museum and worked around the site to give the building a fresh look.

"The number of hours given on a day of the caring day will exceed all of the hours that we get from a summers month walking into that. So it's a huge opportunity," says Kilpatrick.

Many volunteers say this event is proof that the community can come together and lend a hand.