Closing dates are set for outdoor pools in Rapid City

Lifeguards and staff at community pools will be heading back to school soon, which means there will be fewer staff members.

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) As the summer winds down, you may want to dive into your neighborhood pool a few more times, while you still have the chance.

Rapid City will be closing a handful of community pools for the summer in just a few days.

August 17th will be the last day to make a splash in Parkview Pool and Horace Mann Pool.

Meanwhile, Sioux Park's Jimmy Hilton Pool and The Roosevelt Swim Center's outdoor 50-meter pool will remain open until Labor Day.

Pool closures happen every year around this time, as lifeguards and other staff members head back to school.

They also close down so crews can conduct routine maintenance work, which takes about two weeks.

"We pull it out as long as we can, but they have to get back to school and going with their activities. We need an adequate number of lifeguards to be guarding the pool at all times. We can't run with a short staff," says recreation specialist, Emily Carstensen.

This may be your last chance to make a splash for a while, as the city pools don't open again until the first week of June next year.