Motorcycles are zooming off the Black Hills Harley-Davidson lot

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) Black Hills Harley-Davidson has been busy selling, signing, and sealing motorcycles. While doing so, they even made some history.

Another motorcycle was sold at Black Hills Harley-Davidson.

Black Hills Harley-Davidson has been in full gear since the start of the rally.

"This is an off rally year everybody said, but it caught us off guard. You can see around you; it's not off. It's not an off-year at all," says General Sales Manager, Kelly Rang.

The dealership started with about 700 bikes, and let's say: so far, the bikes have been zooming off the lot.

"It has been challenging as far as getting people done and getting them on the right bike," says sales representative, Reggie Ingram.

Rang says on Sunday the dealership sold 76 motorcycles and on Monday they sold 56. He says so far these sales have been individual daily records.

"Inventory is still good, but as you can see, we're starting to settle down a little bit. So I just bought some additional inventory from other stores so I'm hoping we can pull it all together," says Rang.

With more inventory on the way, the sales team continues to help riders find their perfect bike.

"We might be Rapid City, but this is indeed Sturgis. We sell a lot of bikes to people all over the world and to buy something in Sturgis the biggest motorcycle rally of the year that's special," says Rang.

In 2015 the company sold 604 motorcycles which were the most in the world for the whole rally. By the end of the 79th Rally, their goal is to have sold 605 bikes.