Schedule an eye exam for your kids before school starts

Schedule your child's eye exam before they head back to school.

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) As the summer quickly winds down, it's important to remember the importance of routine eye exams.

"Kids don't actually report symptoms a lot. Kids grow up, and sometimes they don't know what good vision or bad vision is," says Dr. Ryan Scarborough.

For most kids, a yearly check-up is recommended.

"It's very important for learning, especially with all the technological devices that we use. Screen boars and up close devices a lot of learning is visual," says Scarborough.

Heading to the eye doctor can help kids obtain new information when they're in class.

"If a child can't see correctly, they're not going to be able to get the full effect of the learning we do here," says head start education manager for Rural America Initiative Larae Arroyo.

Since many kids may not actively express that they're having difficulty seeing, it could lead to a decrease in their comprehension skills, as well as their participation in the classroom.

"Sometimes, it comes off as behaviors. Oh, that child's not paying attention. Oh, he's off again, but if you can't see you can't really pay attention," says Arroyo.

That's why parents and teachers need to remain alert.

"Reading comprehension is one of those things that teachers might notice and especially if a kiddo was doing great and then all of a sudden not so great," says Scarborough.

If kids are experiencing headaches, often squint or need to move closer to the board in the classroom, they may need to get their eyes checked.