Possible election changes for municipal officials

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) Some people are looking to eliminate run-off elections entirely, and that motion had its first reading at today's Legal and finance meeting.

Election changes will go in front of City Council for a second reading.

The idea is to repeal the ordinance that requires run-off elections for municipal officials when no one candidate manages to obtain a certain majority of the votes.

If run-off elections were eliminated, the position would simply go to the candidate who receives the highest number of votes the first time around.

Assistant City Attorney Kinsley Groote says that since 2009, there have been nine run-off elections in Rapid City, and in each instance, the run-off victory went to the candidate who scored the most votes during the first round.

Kinsley says those extra run-off elections are expensive costing, on average, about 25-thousand dollars per election.

The sentiment is that it appears that the run-off election isn't needed. It's a cost to the taxpayers, and this is a way we can save taxpayers money," says Kinsley.

The next step comes on Monday when the topic will go in front of City Council for a second reading.