Rapid City experiencing setbacks with the Uber app

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Lyft has been the primary ride-sharing service in Rapid City since 2017, but recently Uber has been added to the roster. Now the question is, why is there limited Uber drivers out on the road?

With limited Uber drivers out on the road, it's harder for people to get a ride with Uber.

When the Uber app finally rolled around, it was pretty tricky for many people to catch a ride.

"It would say Uber is not available in your area and then finally it said Uber's available, but there are no drivers. And that's what we see right now. Whenever I open up the app, there's either nobody out there, or there are only one or two cars, and I'm one of them," says Uber Driver Jeremy Azevedo.

He's been driving for Uber for about two weeks now. He says his paperwork for Lyft got accepted in a day while Uber took about a month.

"It does sound like they're moving a little bit quicker, but again they have a lot to do and a lot of background checks actually to go through. So it's just going to take them time to get everything up and running just like Lyft," says Azevedo.

Since he's been driving for Uber majority of the people, he's picked up have been tourists because it's the primary ride-sharing service they are familiar with.

"Uber is the ride of choice in those areas like LA, New Jersey and New York. So when they come out here that is the first thing that they do, and some of them don't even have the Lyft app installed," says Azevedo.

He says locals should keep a close eye on the Uber app because more drivers will be popping up shortly.

"Uber is here like I said we have a few drivers out and there's more coming so just be patient with Uber and yeah we'll get there eventually," says Azevedo.