Larsen Park is keeping up with the storm damage

Black Hills Trails impacted by the storm.

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) The Hanson-Larsen Memorial trail has taken damage due to severe storms.

"It has created a lot of ruts, and it has washed the dirt away from the larger rocks, and it leaves a lot of cabal on the trails," says Park Manager, Kenny Harrison.

Harrison says the grass has grown dramatically and due to the weather, weeds are up to four or five feet.

"If you're constantly fighting with the cabal that is on the trail or can't see the trail due to overgrowth, it's not as enjoyable," says Harrison.

To keep the trails clear, Harrison is making sure he's keeping up with the maintenance.

"So far I have just been using the old fashion weed eater and having been trimming the weeds and grass along the trail," says Harrison.

Despite the setback on the trails, the park has seen an increase in foot traffic. That being said, one loyal hiker felt it was better to stay away from the trails.

"Everything is muddy, and a lot of places were flooded, so I have just been working out inside instead," says Hiker, Ailine Maea.

No matter the weather, a good clean trail system is what the park aims for.

The park encourages attendees to check out their Facebook page to receive updated information about the trails.