Helping young kids learn how to ride bikes

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - The Strider Education in Public Foundation uses new Strider bikes as teaching tools.

The Strider Education in public Foundation uses new Strider bikes as teaching tools.

In the past year, the organization has come up with a new PE program to teach kindergartners how to ride bikes properly.

The foundation provides a curriculum and a training process for teachers to gear their students in the right direction.

Currently, 17 states are running the program and one hundred schools in those states are highly engaged with the program.

"Biking addresses so many of the needs. They're engaging their whole body and mind. Learning a lifetime skill, something that will serve them not just as a recreation or hobby, but sport or even transportation commuting to work," says Strider Education Board Member Ryan McFarland

Strider doesn't only want kids from all over the nation to know how to ride a bike; they want to make sure that South Dakota is the first state to have every kindergartner learn how to ride successfully.