A moose turns heads in Custer State Park

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CUSTER, S.D, (KEVN) - You can see deer, bighorn sheep, coyotes and even bison in Custer State Park. But what about a moose?

Chad Kremer spotted a moose in the Custer State Park. (Photo taken by: Chad Kremer)

A loose moose turned some heads Saturday afternoon in Custer State Park.

According to Visitor Services Program Manager Kobee Stalder, the last time a moose was spotted in the park was in 2009.

He said this is the third moose sighting in the last 15 years.

Stalder said the moose possibly came from one of the neighboring states but after comments on social media, he said it may have traveled from Wyoming.

A family from Massachusetts are touring national parks hoping to see any animals along the route, but a moose would be exciting to see.

"These are not the same species that we see back home. So it is extremely exciting for us. We do have moose at home but I personally have never seen a moose in real life. I would be thrilled to see one today," Hilary McCarthy, tourist, said.

A family from Colorado says although they have seen a moose before, they are going to look a little harder as they drive around the park.

"We've seen a moose one time. It was across the road in front of us. That's the only time we have ever seen a moose so of course we would like to see one again. We will definitely keep our eyes out because you'll never know what you see," Kim Angel, tourist, said.

The park rangers are letting the moose continue to roam in the park, so visitors may see the surprising wanderer again.