Sturgis couple bounces back after the storm

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) Its been clean-up day for one Sturgis couple as they pick up the pieces from Friday night's storm.

One Sturgis couple is trying to get back on their feet.

"All of a sudden, the wind came up. I mean it was just blowing and then the rain and then the hail. We couldn't even see across the street because it was coming down so hard and so fast," says Sturgis resident Alan Harwood.

The couple says that all they could do was run out of their house to try and grab as many things as they could.

And then it was a waiting game as they watched their basement, porch and front yard take a beating.

"Things were flying, and the curtains were going, and everything was just wet. And just leaves everywhere," says Harwood.

To say that the wind and hail were scary is a complete understatement.

"Came down so fast and our doors just couldn't hold it back, and it just came down our stairs and into our basement from the backyard," says Harwood.

Storms are nothing new to the couple, but they say that they have now been living here for five years and that this is one the worst storms that they have seen.

"But right in front of the door, you couldn't open the door without shoving the hail aside to get out," says Harwood.

As the couple continues to get their home back together, the only thing they're praying for is to have the storms stay away.